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What’s Good in the World – Oprah

Painting Name: “What’s Good in the World”
Edition: 1 of 1 Original ArtTrust Certified
Medium: acrylic fine art painting on gallery stretched canvas
Painting size: 48x60inch
Year: 2019
Description: As I thought about a universally recognizable face of an inspiring person… woman, who embodied a triumphant and empowered image despite having to overcome the predisposition of her station, the face of Oprah, stood out above the rest. Oprah is the face of the woman who defied the stereotypes of her physical appearance in her work place and industry, the face of the woman who showed there is power in exposing sexual abuse and your imperfections, the face of the woman who gave a voice to those void of an outlet to reach the masses and share their differences, the face of the woman who built an empire that gives back to society… “You get a car… and You get a car and You get a car…”, the face of a woman that inspires others through action bringing education to a neglected generation of little girls, and the face of the woman who touches the hearts of so many people with her soul searching messages.  One of the most resounding responses from a friend when asked to describe her was, “Oprah represents what’s good in the world”. Her story of a little black girl born to a single teenage mother in a poor, small ,racially divided Southern town, most have never heard of, to being the first self-made black multi-billionaire in North America and the greatest black philanthropist in American history, is not just inspiring, but aww inspiring… to anyone.



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