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“Bob Marley” Painting

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The Bob Marley One Love Experience displays multiple works of art featured in the Bob Marley Museum by ARTivist Mark Phi.  One of his fine art portraits named “Bob Marley” is available to take home.

Mark Phi is an international ARTtivist, creator and an ideology rooted in the belief that we all have the ability to create and make an impact on our world.  Mark demonstrates this through Art Philanthropy and Art Wealth Generation.
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“Bob Marley” by Mark Phi , 2019 – Bob Marley One Love Experience

Painting Name: “Bob Marley”
Edition: 1 of 1 Original – Signed and dated on back
Limited Edition Prints: 10 Face mounted acrylic diasec prints available
Medium: acrylic fine art painting on gallery stretched canvas
Painting size: 48x48inch
Technique: Palette knife, paint brush, charcoal and fingers
Year: 2019
Description: The first Bob Marley painting I did was inspired by a photograph taken by Anne Leibovitz.  After sharing the painting on Facebook it went viral with almost 400K likes and 32K shares.  Thing is, that was my third painting ever.  It lead to a permanent installation of Bob Marley fine art paintings in the Bob Marley Museum. Five years later, in 2019 I decided to do the same painting to see how far I came from the original painting.  This painting is the result of it.  This is the first Bob Marley painting I’ve made available for sale.  The Bob Marley One Love Experience aligns with the celebration of his legend and a portion of the proceeds benefit education efforts by the Bob Marley Foundation. This is your opportunity to be a part of something special that creates impact.

Artist Mark Phi posing with Bob Marley Fine Art Painting

Through the “Impact Model” Mark Phi partners with organizations across the globe (China, Europe, West Africa, the Caribbean and North America), to deliver a high value customized experience that translates into financial benefit to charitable organizations and those they help ultimately. Click here to see.  You’re experiencing one of these partnerships now at the Bob Marley One Love Experience.  Proceeds from the sale of this painting will benefit educations initiatives in Jamaica. Some of his collectors across the globe include African billionaires, Chinese multimillionaires and American Investment moguls. Mark Phi established Mark Phi Creations as a social business enterprise that spreads the Mark Phi ideology and executes the “Impact Model” internationally, demonstrating to others that we can make an impact on the lives of others while benefiting. Through creation we make an impact.

the ideology

“Phi”, is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, it is also the symbol that represents the divine quotient, golden ratio or The Creator of the universe’s mathematical representation in nature. It’s 1.61800339… a ratio that is embedded throughout our universe. From the proportions of our body and DNA, to the spirals in a sea shell and beyond to the proportions in celestial bodies. For the artist it represents the universal innate ability within all of us… the ability to “Create” and leave a “Mark” in eternity… just like The Creator. That is Mark Phi. Create Impact.

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