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African Dreams 1

Artwork Name: “African Dreams 1”
Collection: African Dreams
Certification: ArtTrust Certified
Edition: Original
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Stretched Archival and Acid-free Canvas
Technique: Palette Knife, multiple layers of varying colors of glossy, iridescent and matte acrylic paint
Size: 30×48 inch
Created: June 2023

Building on the success of my recent collection of abstract paintings (‘Pastel Dreams’), I’m thrilled to present this new collection that speaks of my personal connection with Africa: the ‘African Dreams’ collection.

This collection expands upon the innovative techniques I developed in my previous work. Much like the pastel-colored geometric layers that gave a unique depth and 3D effect to those pieces, this new series uses a similar approach but with a different palette. Here, various shades of iridescent bronze, pearl, copper, gold, silver, and interference purple take center stage, against the backdrop of muted matte black undertones, symbolizing the beautiful black skin of Africa’s people and the continent’s rich resources.

As a Sierra Leonean, I see Africa as a land of unlimited potential, its power lying in its vast natural resources. Yet, the legacy of colonialism casts a long shadow over this potential, restricting access to these resources and impeding the growth of the people.

In the ‘African Dreams’ collection, this struggle and hope for liberation are symbolically represented. The paintings depict what appears to be a black rope haphazardly holding together the precious resources, with some of them escaping, representing the untapped potential of the continent. The layers of iridescent paint grow brighter from the bottom up, symbolizing the transformation from Africa’s dark colonial past towards a brighter future.

This collection aims to resonate with all who hold an affinity for Africa, regardless of race. It is my hope that these paintings inspire a sense of empowerment, and serve as a visual reminder of Africa’s ability to rise above its past and embrace a future defined by its own terms.

The ‘African Dreams’ collection is more than just a series of paintings – it’s a statement of belief in the resilience and potential of Africa. Whether you’re an art lover looking to enhance your space with a striking piece of art, or someone who shares this belief, these paintings are an invitation to join in celebrating Africa’s journey towards its vibrant future.

What space comes to mind when you picture the perfect spot for this piece in your home or office?



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