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Marcus Mossiah Garvey

Painting Name: “Marcus Mossiah Garvey”
Edition: 1 of 1 Original ArtTrust Certified
Limited Edition Prints: 15 Face mounted acrylic diasec prints available
Medium: acrylic fine art painting on gallery stretched canvas
Painting size: 48x60inch
Year: 2020
Description: This is Jamaica’s First National Hero.  Marcus Mossiah Garvey is the father of pan-Africanism.  The inspiration of this painting came out of the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter Movement which then inspired the “Conflicted Coward” Douseries leading me to Marcus Garvey’s vision and ultimately the contribution of Jamaica’s National Heroes.  This painting is a part of a collection of paintings reviving and modernizing the portrayal of Jamaica’s National Heroes, aggregating and centralizing their contribution to the world.  Visit JamaicaNationalHeroes.com to learn more.



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