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Random Thought.

Human knowing – knowing is ever evolving.  It’s not static.  Including this.  Knowing is at a point in time based on the information and investigation we’ve done on life.  As we investigate more, what we think we know evolves and changes in ways we can’t imagine.  However, when we get to the point that we “know” and we no longer keep questioning what we “know” is where we stop serving evolution.  From what the universe has showed us, everything is always moving, changing, evolving and becoming.  Reminds me of a Buddhist thought “being is becoming”.  

Sunrise Sunset Contentment Painting by Mark Phi - Knowing Blog
“Sunrise Sunset Contentment” – Mark Phi, 2015

It makes me think to the things that we claim to “know” and how our world creates destruction holding on to those “knowings”, defying anyone who questions those “knowings”, punishing those who are contrary to that “knowing” or expelling those who don’t conform to that “knowing”.  Things like political forms, religions, constitutions and the like.  Maybe there is another way. Maybe we can start to “unknow” and remain students of our existence. 

Create Impact.

These are just my humble thoughts at a moment in time, constantly evolving.  This blog allows me to capture the fundamentals of my thoughts so I can see how I transform.  The hope is that it will spark a light in someone else. One Love.

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