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It’s COVID-19 lockdown 2020.

Quarantine, social distancing, face masks, toilette paper shortage, cheap gas, stimulus packages, record unemployment numbers, death tolls, infection rates, layoffs and … some of the most beautiful spring days I’ve ever seen, nature reclaiming its space, time to introspect, reconnecting with family and loved ones, zoom calls, time to be creative, a moment of global consciousness.  I don’t understand what is happening but it’s definitely forced me and a lot of people to rethink what this world and our life are all about.  Maybe COVID-19 isn’t so bad.  Earth’s voice is expressing itself with profound gratitude for the reduction of pollution, now that we are staying home.  I don’t know.

I have these moments, usually early in the morning before I’m fully awake where, for me, I have these lightbulb thoughts that enter my head.  One of the most profound thoughts I had was while I was going through a 21 Day Abundance Meditation program

“Knowing that I come from the same universal energy source, I wasn’t created deliberately but manifested through the possibilities of the limitless potential of the universal consciousness that allows everything to exist.  And so I continue into infinity adding to the manifestation through my existence which is an expression of the limitless consciousness of all the universes potential, known and unknown”

It was a moment that left me feeling quite responsible to shine the best light I can. The thought has stayed with me and has helped me to build on some of the other believes I’m constantly challenging.

When I think about existence, all things, animals, humans, plants, rocks, dirt gases, planets, stars … everything it takes my mind to the eternal energy that I now believe we (humans) are all a part of, experiencing it in our current form. We are energy experiencing itself, not separately but as a unit.

I’ll try to share how I came to that.  I will go back to the creation of our sun 4.6 billion years ago.  When the sun was created, it also created everything that we have in our solar system (pretty much everything rotating around it because of its gravitational pull).  That’s when our planet was created and for a long time, it was just a hot mound of lava. Time passed, a lot of time, and it cooled, and out of the perfect chance conditions, organic life came out of it, which evolved according to its environment over millions of years. The stronger organic life or those best suited for the environment evolved and passed on its DNA to descendants who then constantly evolve into the plethora of organic life that exists today.  We are descendants of the organic life that was best able to adjust and survive to pass on our genes to future generations.   I believe that natural selection for life is the universal consciousness/energy.  Hold this thought.

In a previous blog I talked about energy always existing, no creation point, no destruction point, always existing, seen and unseen.  Energy only transforms.  So if I think back to the sun’s creation, I think of it as a transformation of energy from which the earth was created and then everything else that came out of the earth was a transformation of the earth’s energy into what we call organic life (plants, animals, humans, bacteria, etc.) and we keep on transforming that energy.  So if we are a part of the same energy that always existed and existence is only a transformation of energy, constantly transforming and choosing the best/most intelligent of what is necessary to survive, evolving each time and passing on to the next then it shifts my mind about life and death.  Death especially.  I would weep if I lost any of my loved ones.  That’s because I have feelings which is something my ancestors passed on to me and was necessary to survive.  Nevertheless, mentally I think life is just a transformation of our energy.  And if energy cannot be created or destroyed.  I don’t die.  I continue existing in a different form so I can express existence in a different form. Energy doesn’t belong to us.  We are just a part of its existence.

Observing the characteristics of nature, plants, and animals specifically, (I’ll leave us out for now), they naturally and intelligently choose what supports life allows it to continue to exist, not in a selfish way but an existential manner.  Passing no judgment on the choices it makes, good or bad.  I think that’s love but I’ll leave that for another blog.

The potential for energy is limitless.  We barely understand how our body works and the wondrous things we see in nature, the intelligence of organic life, the stars, galaxies, universes.  It’s all energy in the most unimaginable ways and it’s constantly expanding the way in which it manifests itself. There may be a planet out there where “life” drinks gold and breathes helium.   Understanding how the same energy that created the sun is in you and me then it goes to say that we are The Eternal Energy.  As the energy transforms and finds new ways and forms to exist, it’s experiencing itself with limitless potential.  This is why I believe we are energy experiencing itself.

We believe we are more important than animals, insects, and plants because of our intelligence.  It gives us a sense of necessity, where we are required for the world to continue.   We exist by chance, the universal energy’s intelligent transformation into what survived in all different shapes and sizes. Not a necessity. The earth was here with a bounty of life before we evolved into what we are today and it will continue after we’re gone.  Organic life needs bees more than it needs humans to survive.  The importance we put on ourselves is all ego.  If life on earth were to disappear today, the earth might rejoice.  Leaving it to intelligent life energy to choose what is best for it to survive its environment, I believe the earth would choose to get rid of us before we kill the bees.

I saw a video on Instagram with an Indian guru talking.  He made reference to how important we think of ourselves in the grand scheme of things. He gave an example of looking at ourselves from outside our galaxy and how insignificant we are, how insignificant our solar system is.  If it disappeared, it could go unnoticed. Just like if we lost one strand of hair from all the hair there is on earth.  And to think we live on a corner of a part of the hair, yet we think of ourselves (collectively) as the center of the universe.

This thought humbles me.

Create Impact.

These are just my humble thoughts at a moment in time, constantly evolving.  This blog allows me to capture the fundamentals of my thoughts so I can see how I transform.  The hope is that it will spark a light in someone else. One Love.



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