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Chunhui Children Half the Sky

Partnership with Chunhui Children and Half the Sky to help the charities raise over $US500K so they can continue to provide loving homes for Chinese orphans.
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In partnership with Chunhui Bo’Ai and One Sky Foundations, Mark Phi’s “IMPACT” model helped the foundations to raise over $500K USD for the purpose of providing loving homes for Chinese Orphans at their annual fund raising gala in Beijing. Mark Phi’s contribution so far is over $20K USD and we continue to help the foundation to raise funds through our fine art painting prints and merchandise.

the fine art painting


Artist’s Description: “The Chunhui Moment” painting captures a moment that demonstrates the heart of the impact Half The Sky and Chunhui Children’s charities make on the lives of orphaned Chinese babies, young children and teenagers all over China.

Painting Name: “The Chunhui Moment”
Size: 140cmX200cm
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Year Created: 2015
Signed and dated by artist
ArtTrust Certified: Certificate of Authenticity

limited edition print


Reproduction Details: Studio photographed with a 80MP PhaseOne Camera System. Printed on archival fine art paper. Finished with a thick depth enhanced superior quality polished acrylic. Mounted with reinforced aluminum.

Original Painting Name: “The Chunhui Moment”
Limited Edition: 1-10
Size: 70cmX100cm
Reproduction: Digital PhaseOne Camera System
Finish: Depth-enhanced superior quality polished acrylic
Mounting: reinforced aluminum
Signed and dated by artist
ArtTrust Certified: Certificate of Authenticity

the merchandise


Description: This is a luxuriously designed and packaged custom hand-made apparel that allows it’s owner to communicate their commitment to making a difference in the lives of orphaned children.

Fabric: 100% ultra fine luxury cotton
Color: Cream
Limited Edition: Only 150 made
Print: “The Chunhui Moment”
Production: Hand-made
Packaging: Black drawer box

the results

resultFine art painting final bid USD $12,000
Charity raised USD$500,000 in one night
Painting presented by Miss China 2015
Merchandise raised over USD$8,000
15+ more Chinese orphans have a loving home from proceeds raised by Mark Phi
Total financial impact – over $20K

impact created

These are some of the orphans whose lives are being impacted.

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